Monday, July 24, 2017

Some of This, Some of That

It's Monday, it's hot, it's July, what can I say.  Should start cooling off here some time around the end of October.  Mac keeps checking the Almanac on line to see if the sun is going down sooner and of course minute by minute it is.  He could tell you what time the sun is setting each day.
Morning walk was
done and a quick dip in the pool before breakfast. Load of white laundry done, 21 washrags and 23 socks, had to be missing at least one or it wouldn't be official laundry.
Loved the British Open yesterday, got really worried for a while and turned it off, Swiffered the floors, turned it back on and watched the last 4 holes.  WOW!  What a finish.
We had a shrimp salad for lunch yesterday with homemade Thousand Island Dressing.  The shrimp were heavenly and as always I asked why we didn't have shrimp more often.
Today it's going to be chicken kabobs.  Nothing too heavy, too hot for that.
Today is National Cousin Day.  I've lost touch with all my first cousins, we're scattered around the country and one's too weird to be in contact with.  I do have a 2nd and a 3rd cousin, or is that a cousin twice removed and a cousin 3xs removed, that I stay in touch with.  We reconnected through   It's funny that all 3 of us are or were teachers, no one else in our families were or are.
It's also National Tequilla Day, a drink for the strong of heart, though a nice Margarita on a hot day wouldn't be remiss.
Mac's outside talking to his weed whacker.  He says he needs one that doesn't break the string every 5 minutes.
I'm going upstairs to talk to a puzzle I've been neglecting, I'll probably melt.

Saturday, July 22, 2017

Saturday in the Swamp

Not quite so slothy today, I managed to clean the kitchen and finish my afghan.  No more big projects of any kind for a while.  I have a book of one skein projects and I think I'll do something from it instead.
I enjoyed my slow day yesterday.  That's the best part of being retired, no commitments and nothing you really have to do,  just check yourself into Chez Couch and relax, it's so nice.
Just finished another Joe Slider mystery Dead End by Cynthia Harrods Eagles.  She writes the Morland family saga I'm reading---starting in the 1400's no less--and one set during the First World War.  Both of those are very serious and I enjoy them tremendously.  The Bill Slider mysteries, while still being quite serious, have added dashes of humor that I'm really enjoying.
Off to exercise.

Friday, July 21, 2017

A Sloth Day

I've had such  a lazy day.  Had I  moved any slower sloths would have left me in t h e dust.  Not tired, just unmotivated.   Mac, bless his heart, cleaned the kitchen for me, even swept the floor.
I sat on the couch, crocheted and watched the British Open, go Speith.
Now I'm ready for a nap.

Tuesday, July 18, 2017

Christmas Present/Birthday Present

It took about 9 months to complete.  It missed its first deadline, it was supposed to be a Christmas present.  But it made it for the second one and turned out to be a good gift.  Our daughter loved it.  I picked it because it looked like an Arthur Rackham illustration and she loves Arthur Rackham.
Now if I can only finish the afghan I've been working on forever I can start my next cross-stitch--if it doesn't blind me.

Monday, July 17, 2017

A Rainy Day in Georgia

Rained off and on all weekend, more than an inch yesterday.  Saturday, the non regular mail person left out mail out in the rain.  Too much to fit in the mailbox, too far I guess to bring it to to door so he laid it against the garage where it got soaked including a gift and a letter that needs to go to my doctor­čś×, I'm not happy.

But what's a girl to do on a rainy day, why read of course.  And I'm reading an old favorite, Howard's End is on the Landing by Susan Hill.  I've read it a couple of times, it's about the joys of rereading our own books.  Something that I do regularly.  I only keep books that I plan on rereading.
Went upstairs to look through my bookcases and to see what books I reread regularly.

Easily my favorite rereads are my Agatha Christie mysteries, I've read most of them several times.  Mac recently gave me a vintage one,  Cards on the Table and since I haven't read it in a while it will be among my next rereads.

Another group I regularly reread are my Georgette Heyers, no one does Regency novels better and I love her mysteries too.  In fact I think I might just be in the mood for one of them soon.

A series that I regularly reread is Jack Whyte's Camulod series that begins with The Skystone.  This is one of the best series about King Arthur I've ever read and I'm a King Arthur junkie.

I also regularly reread Josephine Tey's Daughter of Time, her book about Richard III.  My favorite English King and so badly treated in most books.

My favorite family series and I love to read family chronicles, is Elizabeth Goudge's Elliot family.  This begins with Pilgrim's Inn.  Although I'm currently rereading The Chadwick Family chronicles and they're a favorite too.

And a frequent reread is Bill Bryson's Mother Tongue.  It's about the development of the English language.  When I get to wondering why English is such a strange language I reread this one.

What books do you reread?

Saturday, July 15, 2017

Saturday in the Swamp

Morning swim and it did feel good, later in the day the water will be too warm to cool you off.  The other day I dipped 24 moths out of the pool. I theorize that they had a ball and got to worn out to leave.  Saved some.

Friday, July 14, 2017

It's Friday

To all the working folk TGIF, I know my daughter feels that way.  She's off to celebrate her birthday weekend in Nagoya, Japan.  We'll Skype her Tuesday and she'll open her birthday presents we sent.
Things went well at the Dermatologist.  What I thought was an ugly black mole turned out to be an ugly brown Seborrheic keratose.  So she quickly whipped out the liquid nitrogen and burned it off.
Yesterday was a low energy day, little was done except survive the heat.
Today is hot again, but we started the air conditioning earlier and I have a bit more energy.
Mac took a bunch of photos out in the yard so I thought I'd share some.

This is a Zebra butterfly.  They're a tropical and use to just be an occasional  visitor, but now they're always here.  They love the Lantana.

This is a long-tailed Skipper, it's a native.

Another native, the Gulf Fritillary

Not my favorite lizard, it's a 3-line skink, I prefer the little green anoles.

Mac got me an Arbor for Christmas and put it out in the garden this spring.  We now have Morning Glories and Wisteria growing on it.

Out in the lagoon Mac has his Armored Battalion and he keeps them well fed.

Hope you have a great weekend.

Wednesday, July 12, 2017

Midweek Already

My week is running away from me.  Can't remember Monday at all.  Tuesday was spent with what Lord Emsworth would call a bit of a rummy tummy, though unlike the Empress I have not been eating blancmange.  Also had a killer backache.  I was trying to decide if my back was upsetting my tummy or was my tummy upsetting my back.  Today is much better on both counts.
Today I was putting up the laundry I did yesterday which included my arch enemy a fitted sheet.  I've tried everything to learn how to fold them so they'd fit in the linen closet---yes Martha I tried your method--  and now I've decided that what I really need to make them lay flat is a giant panini press.
Just finished making a pasta salad to go with lunch today.  I have an appointment with my dermatologist, also known as Melisandre of the flaming sword.  I wasn't due to go till next month but I have a rather strange looking mole she needs to see.  Even Mac noticed it.  So I decided not to wait.
It's been reasonably hot here only upper 80's to about 90, but that's over and it's back up to the mid-90's now.
Off to play my new opera piano book, it's quite difficult so very slow going.  It's called Opera for the Piano, but a number of people complained in their reviews of it that it had no lyrics.  Well, the last time I checked my piano doesn't sing.  If I wanted lyrics I'd have ordered Opera for Voice.

Sunday, July 9, 2017

Sunday in the Swamp

The end of a hot week in the swamp.  Not a bad week, other than sitting in the waiting room at the the doctor's for more than an hour waiting to get my B-12 shot.  They'd listed me for a doctor's appointment instead of a nurse visit.  The nurse apologized, but I think I'm going to go back to the local Minute Clinic for my shots from now on.
We've had a bit of rain each day which is helpful, the weeds love it, but it does cool the pool down a bit.
I mowed the lawn today, something I enjoy doing as long as I remember to not smile while doing it.
Took some pictures of Miss Kitty, she definitely knows how to handle the heat.

Saturday, July 8, 2017


Yesterday Lea at Cici's Corner posted a question and answer piece that I thought I might do, but I got hung up on the first question and knew that's what I wanted to write about.  The question:  What's your favorite animal?
I love bears and buffaloes are right up there, but at heart my favorite animal is the elephant.  Always has been, going back to when we were in high school and for my birthday Mac gave me a stuffed elephant with his class ring on a chain around its neck.
Then about 14 years ago he took me away for a weekend and gave me another elephant with a beautiful sapphire and diamond ring on a chain.

The first elephant is long gone, our daughter played it to death.  But the second elephant is still here, along with a couple of friends.

This week Mac painted an elephant and I fell in love with it, so he's going to paint one for me too.
I may get around to the rest of those questions one day.

Thursday, July 6, 2017

Hot! Hot! Hot!

Ninety-eight yesterday and it's at least that hot today if not hotter.  Morning swim was nice, afternoon swim not so much.
Had to have the bugman out for an in-between spraying, he says everyone's having problems with bugs wanting to come in out of the heat.  My house is not that cool, but they're coming in anyway.
Ordered a new book to play, Opera for the Piano, late intermediate to advanced and it's hard.  I'm enjoying it, but it makes my head ache sometimes.
Saw a pretty good movie this week Tomorrowland with George Clooney and Hugh Laurie.  An interesting take on how much of the future is a self-fulfilling prophecy.

And finished another book, Among Schoolchildren by Tracy Kidder, written in 1988, but just as true today.  He observed a fifth grade classroom for a year.  It's a school in Massachusetts that had just been integrated and there are loads of Puerto Rican children.

This could have been my class except the kids were Mexican and 3rd grade.
It was mentioned how hard student teaching is and the need to learn how to manage student behavior, something you only learn after you become a teacher..  I was lucky, before I became a teacher I was  an aide in special ed.  and worked with students ranging from learning disabilities to behavioral disorders to physically handicapped.  When I got my own class it almost seemed easy.  Good book.

Wednesday, July 5, 2017


It was 95┬║ yesterday and it feels worse today.  The pool was hot, not refreshing at all, even with a hat on I got a headache.
Had my B-12 shot this morning, after waiting an hour and a half--GRRRRRR.  Don't have any energy at all.
Thought I'd tell you about an interesting little book I read last week--

Fifth Avenue, 5 A.M.: Audrey Hepburn, Breakfast at Tiffany's, and the Dawn of the Modern Woman by Sam Wasson.  It's the story behind the making of the movie Breakfast at Tiffany's.  

It gives the background on Truman Capote who wrote the book it was based on, Audrey Hapburn who starred in it, Blake Edwards who directed it, Henry Mancini and Johnny Mercer who wrote Moon River for it and the birth of the little black dress.
I read about this book on someone's blog, please forgive me for not giving credit, but I just can't remember who's it was.  Anyway it sounded like a good read and it was.
It was fascinating reading about how the book, which was considered unadaptable because of its subject matter--a call girl, a gay protagonist and an unhappy  ending--could ever be made into a movie that middle class America would go see.
I've only seen parts of the movie, now I want to see it all and to read Capote's original novella.

Tuesday, July 4, 2017

Happy Fourth of July

It has been a hot, lovely fourth and it didn't rain for the first time in forever.  Mac decorated outside and it looks good.  I fixed our Low Country Boil and it was beyond delicious.  I was so stuffed that all I could do was stretch out on the couch and have Happy Hour.
Tonight it's Root Beer Floats.  For those who don't know that's a large glass, I have huge ones, of root beer and a healthy scoop of vanilla ice cream.
Hope your 4th was good too.

Sunday, July 2, 2017

On Sunday

As opposed to Never on Sunday, one of my all time favorite movies.  It's hot, just flat out hot.  We only did part of our walk this morning and then came home and jumped in the pool.  That's going to have to be the order of the day until it cools down some.
Below is a selection of my summer time hats, that plus a couple of baseball caps, I never go outside without something on my head.  Not even when I hang out clothes.  I even swim in a hat.

Our Confederate Rose handled being moved over to the pool well, it's been blooming ever since.

Yesterday I started making placemats to go on the table outside.  Had to get outdoor fabric that can take the rain and now I need some plastic dishes.  I see a Dollar store visit in my future.

Not much cooking going on, too hot in the kitchen so we'll share a steak, baked potatoes and a salad.
We'll be pigging out on the 4th when we do a Low Country Boil and have RootBeer Floats.   Hope you're having a good weekend.

Friday, June 30, 2017


There was a time when we were beach people.  When we lived in Germany, in areas that didn't have much of a summer, we'd head to Spain once or twice a year to the Costa Brava to soak up sun and get some vitamin D.  Our daughter hated the open water, took one look at the Med, asked if there were any sharks or killer whales and refused to go in.  She's never been much of a beach person.  We did entice her in when we went to Greece, she was older and willing to put up with the odd sea creature.  We always burned to a crisp, no one used sunscreen back then.
We also went to the beach in Holland, boy was that cold, but then any time we went to the beach in California the water was always cold.  The Atlantic is  much warmer.
We've also gone to Hawaii a couple of times.  Love the snorkeling, but the beaches were just ok.  Those in Mexico around Cancun are much prettier.
We've done some beach walking in Florida on Amelia Island at Fernandina Beach, but no swimming.
Those days are gone, I no longer lay on sandy beaches, my dermatologist would have a fit no matter how much sun screen I used.  If we go to the beach now, and we do go occasionally, it's to walk along the edge, soak our toes, look for seashells and for Mac to look for shark teeth.  I not only wear a big hat I've been known to carry an umbrella.
Are you a beach person?

Wednesday, June 28, 2017

The Bears

Mac has once again rearranged my bear table and there's  a very dubious game of cards going on.  Granny's the dealer, but if she keeps taking sips from her flask she might not last much longer.   The other two look like they just landed here from Germany, helmets, steins and all.
Another inch of rain yesterday, but today is supposed to be dry.  After that there's a 40-50% chance of rain forever.  Like I said, a soggy, humid summer.
No weeding today, just lots of exciting housework, think I'll play cards with the bears.

Tuesday, June 27, 2017

Georgia Triathlon

Completed my morning triathlon, walked before breakfast, pulled 500 weeds after breakfast, cleaned the pool and swam a couple laps.  Then to top it off came in, did aerobics and cleaned the big windows in the kitchen.  Needless to say I'm done!
Today Mac's computer wouldn't let him go to the mail either until he told Safari security not to warn of suspicious sites.  Have no idea what's going on.
I'm reading the most incredible book, may well be the book of the year for me.  It's The Sparrow by Mary Doria Russell.  The story of the discovery of sentient life on a planet in Alpha Centauri  and the mission to make contact that is led by the Society of Jesuits and a few civilians.  There is only one survivor and it's his story.  Great writing and world building.  I found this book through 2 other of her books, which were also excellent, Doc and Tombstone (the story of Doc Holliday and Wyatt Earp) and so different from this book that except for the excellent writing it would be hard to believe the same person wrote both.
We're having another  humid day, in fact it looks to be that kind of summer.  Not overly hot, mainly in the 80's but oh so humid.  We call weather like this greasy because that's what it makes you feel like. We had rain again yesterday afternoon, over an inch, and today it's all steaming up out of the ground. We've been running the dehumidifier in the bedroom and yesterday Mac dumped over a gallon of water out of it.  I have cleaned my closet and put new Damp Rid bags in there to slow the moisture down too.  We're just going to have to just grit our teeth and get through it.

Monday, June 26, 2017

Gone Phishing

The weekend just zipped on by, hot on Saturday and then steamy rain Sunday.  Only in the 80's today but or so humid, you feel like you're swimming even when you don't swim.
Yesterday I went to check emails and my computer wouldn't go there, I got a message saying my my email site  was a phishing site and it wouldn't open, not even when I told it to ignore the warning.  So I sent Google two messages telling them this had been my mail site for 14 years and was not a phishing site.  Sent an email to my internet provider who promised to get back to be in at least 3 days.
Luckily Mac could access the mail, as could I on my tablet.  Then last night I went to Preferences on Safari and in the Security part I told it not to give me a warning when visiting a suspicious site.  Lo and behold, I can now access my email.  Of course if I actually hit a bad site I'll not get any warning, but I don't visit many odd sites.

Friday, June 23, 2017

Sweating Cobs

I wonder where that expression came from.  I know it's hotter out west--temps in the 100's-- but it's so humid here they said it was going to feel like 102┬║ and it does.  Or more.  I have hung our a load of laundry and cleaned the kitchen, Mac did the dishes bless his heart. and I'm literally dripping in sweat.  I refuse to turn the air conditioner on this early, it's just 10:34, so all I can do is sit under a fan.  I'll be going in the pool as soon as the man who's cleaning our gutters is done.  We found someone to do it, he showed up on time and he's almost done.    Maybe I can get a swim in before today's storms start.  I missed swimming yesterday because we went grocery shopping and it was late when we got back.
We finished wrapping our daughter's birthday gifts, weighing them, filling in the custom's forms and screaming when we saw how expensive it was going to be.  Good thing she's worth it.
The rest of the day is mine, but in this kind of weather I won't be doing much.  Steak sandwiches with asparagus for lunch.
Have a good weekend.
Looked up that expression "sweating cobs" and most sources think it's English in origin, Lancashire region, and has to do with round bread (cobs) rising and sweating.

Wednesday, June 21, 2017

Hello Cindy

Tropical Storm Cindy isn't coming very near us, she's headed to Beaumont, Texas, but we're getting rain from her anyway.  Yesterday I wanted to mow the law, when the weeds are knee high it's not only time it's past time.  But before I could get out there it started raining, more than a bit.  So I cleaned bathrooms instead.  Trust me when I say I'd much rather have mowed the lawn.  Then it cleared up a bit so I thought I'd go swimming, got my suit, started to change and then it poured--no swimming.
Today I mowed and it rained on me, not heavy, but enough to get my clothes wet.  There was no thunder or lightning so I just kept going.  Got it done and by then the rain had stopped so I got in the pool to cool off and to clean it a bit.  Nothing like a bit of rain to cool the pool down, the water had been getting pretty warm, but this feels better.
Rereading a book series I really like, it's the Chadwick Family Chronicles by Marcia Willett a British author.  It begins with Looking Forward when Flish, Mole and Susan come to live with their Grandmother after their parents and older brother have been killed by Mau-Maus in Kenya.  It's a 4 book series and if you like family sagas, as I do, this is a good one.
I finished Broadchurch and I was right about the murderer, but I was a bit surprised with why.  I understand there was a second series and a third,  hope there's a second and third book, right now there's just some short stories to go with the second series.

Monday, June 19, 2017

Monday in the Swamp

And  it definitely feels like a swamp today, it's 90┬║ and with the humidity it feels worse.  Which means not much is going to get done today.  Mac sold another painting we wrapped it up and it's on it's way to Houston, Texas and he's started a new buffalo painting.
We Skyped with April this morning, always a good way to start the day, then  I cleaned the kitchen, hung out a load of laundry and that's about it.
Some gentle piano playing this morning, Beethoven was giving me fits, but he finally settled down.
I've been wearing my black Gloria Vanderbilt knee pants, but if this weather keeps up I'll have to dig out some actual shorts.
Mac opened his gifts that our daughter sent him for Father's Day, he saved it till we Skyped.  Lots of neat things, she always sends him loads of foodie gifts because like her he's a very adventurous eater. Among the many gifts was a wonderful card--the Japanese make incredible cards-- it lights up, there's the sound running water, a wind chime, a bell, a cricket and a cicada.

Sunday, June 18, 2017

Happy Father's Day

Happy Father's Day to my Mac, for all the special things you do and the wonderful Father and Husband you are.  I hope you know how special you are to me and to April, we love you.  Enjoy your day.

Saturday, June 17, 2017

Life's Little Pings

We needed to have a bunch of junk hauled off including our old pool.  Our friend who usually does this has just had surgery, so I hit the internet and it was hard to find anyone, but I finally did and they came out quickly, quoted a high price, we sighed and said ok.  It's gone, but ouch.  They even said why didn't we try Craig's List.  Well there have been a few serious, including murders, involving Craig's List so we don't use it.  We want someone reputable even if they're expensive.
Now we need the gutters on the front of the house cleaned, there are things, trees?, growing there.  Ours is a 2 story house so I didn't want Mac even thinking about doing it---he said he could lean out a second story window and get most to it---NO, NO, No.  So back to the internet, asked  all our neighbors--who all said if we find someone to tell them--, and one of our neighbors who's having their house painted said the painter does stuff like that.  In the meantime I found a company who would do it for a reasonable price, but couldn't come for nearly 2 weeks.  So Mac asked the painter, who dropped by today and quote $250, no way!  So we've left a message with the other company and hope they call us back.
So this morning  I'm cleaning house---boring--- and plotting tomorrow's Father Day dinner, Mac has requested Paella.
I've been reading Broadchurch, a book written from the British tv series.  I would have enjoyed watching that, but it's not Mac's kind of show, so I was pleased to find the book.  I'm about 3/4's of the way through it and I'm really enjoying it.  I have an idea of who did it, but I'm not sure.  Good book.

Friday, June 16, 2017


I finally made it upstairs, a place I don't much go in the summer time, to finish off a puzzle that's been dragging on forever.  It's one of those that if you touch it part of it comes undone.  I've spent as much time putting it back together as I have putting it together.  It's also one of those where a piece might fit in any number of places.  So when I got down to the end I had  7 empty spaces left and 5 pieces to fit in, so I knew I'd made some mistakes, so I looked really closely, felt for uneven spots and finally got it put together right.  Right that is except I'm missing a piece-GRRRRRR!

Thursday, June 15, 2017


I went in the pool for the first time today, Mac has already been in it twice.  It was wonderful, the water was warm, but not too warm. I think this is the latest I've ever been in getting in.   I dipped wasps out, mostly dead, one alive.  I've ordered a new swim suit, but in the mean time I have a new swimsuit bottom and a blouse that looks like a swimsuit.  Mac asked where the suit was coming from and I said probably China, isn't that where everything comes from now.
Got a new outdoor rug to go under our table and a new umbrella.  I wouldn't have picked a blue one, but it was the cheapest  and I'm surprised how much I like it.
Mac has all the trellis up, quite a few plants put around the pool, now we need rock.  Ready for summer.

Monday, June 12, 2017

Dealing With Loss

I lost a friend this weekend.  Patty lost her battle with Lupus and died from complications from liver transplant surgery.  I am saddened by her loss and know how hard this must be for her family.
Patty and I met in our last year of college and though I was 20 years older, mature student, and she was a born again Christian while I was a bit  of a heathen, something clicked and we became friends.
When we left Georgia to move to California Patty was supposed to drive our extra car out for us, but instead she met the love of her life, Steve, and they became engaged and then married.
Through the years we stayed in touch, then lost each other and then when we moved back to Georgia she found me again through Facebook and came to visit.
Her husband was a minister and they lived in South Carolina.  Seeing her was great, it was like there had been no missing years between us and through blogging and Facebook we stayed in touch.
Patty's kids were older, the youngest in his last years of high school when they decided to adopt an older child.  It was a lengthy process and part of it involved having a physical. The results of some of her blood work were puzzling and after many more tests it was discovered that she had Lupus, an autoimmune disorder that can attack the body in a variety of ways.
Patty fought it for years, never giving in, but eventually she needed a liver transplant and was put on the list to get one.  Earlier this year her son made the decision that he wanted to be the donor and after much soul searching Patty and Steve agreed and the surgery was performed 3 weeks ago.  There were problems right from the beginning, but it looked like she was winning the battle, her strength and spirit were so strong.  But as her husband wrote on Saturday, prayers are always answered, but not always they way we want them to be.  She died Saturday afternoon with her family at her side.  She will be missed by all who knew and loved her.

Friday, June 9, 2017

Up and Running

All the plumbing was done yesterday, extra vinyl pipes had to be purchased and convinced to go together and today Mac started the pump for the first time since it was hit by a tree during hurricane Matthew last fall----it WORKED---no complaints, just the lovely sound of water going through the system.
He then put up a couple more pieces of lattice work and poles.  Tomorrow I'm going to help him move some plants over to go around the pool, my Confederate Rose, an orange tree and maybe the lemon one too.  We're going to put decorative rock around the base and keep the plants in pots.  The plants we had before put all kinds of roots under the pool and made the bottom very lumpy.
I pulled more weeds and fried my brains as it's quite a bit warmer today.  I'll post photos tomorrow when we get everything set up.

Thursday, June 8, 2017

What Happens When You Put in a New Pool

Why it rains of course!  Temperature down in the 70's, overnight lows in the 60's, all lovely except if you want to get in and try out the new pool.  So today I weeded and Mac worked around the pool, moving debris and covering up what can't be move yet--his helper just had carpel tunnel surgery and is out of commission for awhile.  My haulage days are long over, so we'll have to live with it for awhile.
Another hairball this morning, but at least we didn't hear it.

Wednesday, June 7, 2017

Quit Licking

We've been awake since about 6:30 this morning because Miss Kitty kept trying to get rid of a hairball.  First hacking in the bedroom, then the bathroom, then back in the bedroom before finally depositing on in the hall.  If she'd just stop licking herself she'd be fine.  She's short-haired and she's gotten rid of her winter coat.  She has no fleas, we treat for that.  She gets like this every spring and it drives us bonkers.  Doesn't seem to bother her at all.  As soon as she's done it's off to the food bowl for a bit to eat and then a good licking clean up.  But I give her fair warning if she wakes us up at dawn again she's going to get a bath and I don't think she'll like that at all.

Tuesday, June 6, 2017

Tuesday in the Swamp

Busy week so far.  Yesterday they showed up to finish the pool and it's all done except for hooking up the pump and Mac will do that.  Today as we had water going in the pool he's been busy putting back up the lattice work panels that go around the pool for privacy.  Have to grow some new vines.
Yesterday afternoon we both had doctor's appointments to have moles removed.  I go twice a year to my dermatologist so I only had one to be cut off, Mac had many and he's a mass of  bandaids and sore spots.
Today it was do laundry, make bread, clean bathrooms and listen to the piano tuner who was doing my annual tune-up.  It sounds much better.
Not really hot, but incredibly humid, Mac is changing to his third shirt of the day and after I cleaned bathrooms I had to put a cold rag on my face and neck.
Yesterday morning, and I do mean most of the morning, was spent getting i-tunes to recognize my password, took 2 calls to Apple support to get it straight.  I had to authorize this new computer to have access to my i-tune library.
I think that's the last thing I have to set up.  So far I've been very happy with my new machine.  Our daughter doesn't like Macs, she says the Mouse doesn't have enough buttons.  I said it doesn't have any and she said, "Exactly".  She's much more tech savvy than we are and really knows hew way around a computer, but I just want a computer that's easy to use.

Sunday, June 4, 2017

New Computer

The new computer arrived late Friday afternoon and we set her up yesterday after I mowed the lawn. Easy to set up, plug in, push power button and you're done.  That's what I like about Macs.  I then spent a couple of hours reestablishing Bookmarks, finding where they'd hidden the sound icon, having a fight with Siri who I felt was giving me snitty answers.  The only site I had trouble  with was our mail server, used their online chat feature and they recommended that I call the company.  It didn't recognize my User Name, so I told it I'd forgotten it, I hadn't, they sent what they thought was my user name--Mac got that on his computer--it still wouldn't work so I told it I'd forgotten my password, I hadn't, and it asked for the city I was born in and when I gave the correct answer it said that was wrong, so I called them.  Had a 10 minute wait to talk to a human and while they were trying to straighten things out I tried my original User Name and Password and lo and behold it worked.  The help on the phone said there may have been a glitch on their end that caused the problem, I thanked him.
So most things are straightened out, found the sound icon and put it on the desktop for easy use, found out why it kept asking for my password and reset that, so I think I'm good to go.
Mac had worked on the broken computer and gotten it to run some diagnostics, but it still won't start up.  He's hoping he can at least get my photos off there,  otherwise I'm going to have to work my way through Blogger and Facebook and get them.
Our pool is still not done.  The heavens opened Wednesday and the workers left, returned Thursday and said it was too wet to work, said they'd be back Sunday, but yesterday they said they decided they didn't want to work on the weekend.  We've had little to no rain since Wednesday so it's pretty dry, if they get here early tomorrow they could get it done before the next round of showers start.  So fingers crossed.
I'm off to start a painting.

                                                          My poor backyard